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Catching up.

So yeah, my stress level has been up there lately. Work has been a killer, and the free time I have had has felt shorter than usual.

But that doesn't mean that it's all bad. Many things are on the up-and-up. My relationship with Jem has escalated greatly. Earlier this month, I proposed to her, and she said yes! :D This year has started off great just with that. We chat almost every night over voice chat. It is wonderful!

In terms of gaming, I have been playing PSO, Pokemon, and Fallout a lot more. Been pretty fun.

And I have been trying to hang out with friends like Mike and Monkey a lot more. Been good catching up and hanging out with them.

Apart from that, home life has been eh... we are in the red and have to pay $1500 to the mortgage. $1500 that we don't have and can't get. If we can't pay that, we need to pay $3000 at the end of February, and might get foreclosed on. I just hope we can get it paid off.

Overall, been a mixed new year. Here's hoping it levels out and gets all better and better :)