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A Long Needed Update

So yeah, it has been a hecka long time since I posted anything here. So I will do one of my staple "This is what happened" posts

Video Games:
Well, been playing a crapload of Minecraft. Been running 2 servers now. One is well built, the other is under way. Also been getting back into PSO. Been playing a crapload of Left 4 Dead 1/2 and Dead Island. Also some Halo.

Stress. Pain. Moving on.

All tolled, things are on the up and up. We have had some low and emotional points, but we've been getting a lot closer and planning out bigger plans. In fact, we've been planning on moving out to Colorado in 2014. We've been looking at homes, pets, cars, and jobs. Gonna be her, Katya, Katya's boyfriend, and myself :) I'm so anxious! I can hardly wait!

Helped Monkey move recently. He's got a new place now. Lucky bastard XD As for my other friends, Ryan popped by today unexpectedly. I hadn't seen him in months. Was great to catch up.

And that is a brief summary of what's been going on. Not too much depth, but I'm like that, I guess, unless I'm focusing on a single topic XD