The Ever-Winding Road

A look into the mind of Alex Craig

6 January 1988
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I was born a while back. My early years feel kinda distant and forgotten to me, but I remember they were my worst days. During the course of my life, I became more high-spirited and cheerful. I have suffered a lot in my time, both physically and emotionally. But I believe that these days I am a much better person than I used to be.

I like having a lot of nice, kind, close friends. They usually make me feel really happy. I only have a few close friends, but that makes me happy regardless. Some I met around my home, others online.

I love playing video games. Among my favorites are The Legend of Zelda series, some Final Fantasy's, Phantasy Star Online, Pokémon, Breath of Fire, and Fallout. Legend of Zelda was the first game I ever played, and I grew up learning a lot about it, to the point of obsession. So it comes as no surprise that I have my own website dedicated to The Legend of Zelda. As you can tell from my list of games, I like my RPGs. I also made a site dedicated to a Fallout fanfic I am making with my girlfriend and best friend.

I am a moderator and member on many forums. Ace Trainers United is a pokemon forum I made. I also go by Ace Trainer Alex on Serebii.net's forums. AlexCraig on PSO-World, and either Faedeur or Alex on many other forums, including Argo PSOBB.

I want to become an animator and either make Anime or Manga. I am very talented at drawing manga-style (leastways that's what my friends tell me).

I am actually quite apt with a sword and bow. I guess that all started when I got into The Legend of Zelda. I have a large collection of swords and other weaponry haphazardly strewn about my room.

My girlfriend, Jemini, I met on IMVU. I love her so much. She and I just seem to click. I have never been happier! We hope to get together in person soon.

Well, I'm done yammering for now. You'll hear more of me soon enough.